What is Petrovis Mining?

Petrovis Mining is a cryptocurrency mining company which provides a safe and easy mechanism to make the purchase of mining power without having the need to deal with the complicated set of software as well as hardware solutions. We are in the business of providing the mining services of crypto currency along with an aggregate of solutions which are related to mining related tasks for a wide range of investors. Combination of our state of art mining infrastructure with the experience of running data centres for more than 4 years to Fortune 500 companies gives us a unique edge over the traditional newly founded crypto currency mining service providers. We have got a dedicated engineering team having the extensive and wide variety of knowledge regarding the sector of digital crypto currencies having superb specialisation in mining so that we are able build the most workable and dependable services regarding crypto currency mining.

How does the mining process work?

The procedure is very swift and easy! Just after registration, go ahead and purchase a miner of your choice. The immediate cryptocurrency mining can be carried on from the time contact. Depending upon your choice you can opt in to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, or LiteCoin over the platform of Petrovis Mining; directly controlling the things from the user interface provided to you.

Do I need to provide KYC documents?


What mining equipment/hardware is used by Petrovis Mining for cloud mining?

Petrovis Mining make use of latest ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) chips and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) machines for achieving excellent returns. However, your returns are independent of mining equipment/hardware that are used by Petrovis Mining. You buy mining power from Petrovis Mining and get returns based on that hashing rate.

Who should I contact in case of any support needed?

Chat with any available agent through our LiveChat at the right bottom of your screen or mail us at mail@petrovismining.com

How do I check my mining returns?

Petrovis Mining works in a highly transparent manner. We have created the control panel (CP) where you can check your mining returns that will be updated on a daily basis.

Where is the company located?

Am Schanzengraben 25, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland

Can I visit your company's office?

Yes, you can visit us anytime even uninvited.

Can I earn for free?

Yes, you can earn 10% commission for free using your affiliate link.

What are the supported payment/deposit methods?

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin

How can I make a deposit?

Login after successful registration, choose any miner of your choice and click "Buy" then select any payment method and submit.

Any extra charge for deposit?

No, we charge no extra fee on deposits.

How to make withdrawal?

This is the easiest, just click "Withdraws", click on "Make a Withdraw" and continue.

Any extra charge for withdrawal?

Yes, we charge just $1 for any amount you want to withdraw at a single withdraw to cover little of blockchain transaction charges.

How long does deposits or withdrawals take?

Withdrawals and deposits are automatic, so expect your withdrawal within 10 minutes.

Do Petrovis Mining work on weekends or holidays?

Yes, we work on weekends and holidays, since our mining hardware is automatic without any human support except from regular maintenance.

Is Petrovis Mining established for a long term?

The company develops long-term relationships with customers and partners. Our main plan includes the phased development over the next 10 years, until at least 2030.